Friday, December 23, 2005

Update on Crystal Reports for Eclipse

We would like to thank all of you that attended the Crystal Reports for Eclipse webinar on the 22nd. For those that missed the webinar we will be doing more live webinars in the New Year. We will also post a recorded copy of the webinar on and reference it in this blog.

We are going to take a couple of more weeks to finish off Crystal Reports for Eclipse preview release. We got some good feedback from some partners as well as some developers and wanted to ensure that the preview had improved workflows for developers (therefore a little extra time). With the Christmas break we are expecting to see the preview available for download in January with us currently targeting mid January. The product looks and feels really great, and we look forward to receiving feedback from the community when you get your hand on it.

We are also interested in bringing together a number of eclipse developers for a focus group on Crystal Reports for Eclipse. So if you are interested please feel free to contact me directly at

Tim Lang
VP Developer Marketing
Business Objects
Vancouver, BC, Canada


At 6:13 AM, December 27, 2005, Anonymous Jessica King said...

Tim -

I thought the webinar was great! I had a few questions that didn't get answered, so I thought I'd post them here...

*Can you "drag & drop" images from the navigator view?
*In the data pane - if the database tables have existing references, would those links be brought over?
*I noticed that you got the log4j error message "no appenders could be found" when you ran the project in Tomcat. When the Crystal Reports project is created, is a file not created in the project?
*Regarding the jsp crviewer tag - is there a plan to expand those so parameters can be passed?

Thanks again for the great webinar. I look forward to using the product.

Jessica King

At 8:25 AM, January 11, 2006, Blogger Sean said...

Hi Jessica,
You have asked some really great questions...I'll do my best to answer what I can:

Q) Can you drag-and-drop images from the navigator view?
A) At this time this is not possible, however I think that is a great use case to consider. I will talk with the Engineering staff about the possibilities of getting this in the Beta or GA builds.

Q)Will existing references be brought over in the data pane?
A)In was a conscious decision based on feedback we have received regarding our current Crystal Reports Designer. We found a lot of people did not actually like that our current designer pre-populates the links. Considering this release is aimed at Developers we felt that most users would rather control this pane more than perhaps the users which our Crystal Reports Professional product is geared towards. However, that being said, if we receive enough feedback from the developers using this product regarding this functionality we can always revisit providing auto-links.

Q)Is a file being created in the project?
A)By the time the Tech Preview is released the wizard will be adding a file to the classes folder of the Web project.

Q)Are their plans to expand the viewer tags to allow passing in parameters?
A)The viewer team is currently working on a lot of enhancements regarding our viewers. At this point I can't really speak to whether this will include the specific functionality you are speaking of, however I will pass your feedback on to the Product Manager for our Crystal Report Viewers. I should mention that when Crystal Reports for Eclipse is released for General Availability there will be very minor enhancements with regards to the viewers over what is currently available in or Crystal Reports XI R2 release.

Thanks again for the questions...keep them coming.



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